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Accelera8 Global is an Digital online growth organization that empowers people to thrive through coaching, training mentoring and personal growth. We have worked with hundreds of clients from entry level to senior management positions and well-established coaches in converting their knowledge and expertise into marketable high value packaged programs, monetizing them into business services and courses.

“At Accelera8 Global, we help you connect with your life’s purpose so you never have to work another day in your life.”

Aasma Wasti

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We help experts in their field to gain traction, create stability, certainty and predictability in their business and cash flow to build a business foundation that delivers consistent results REGARDLESS of the changes in the environment.

Our expertise lies in increasing your client base multifold with loyal followers and raving fans using webinars! We have helped hundreds of business owners, founders, creators, coaches, trainers, educators, consultants, marketers and more globally to gain new clients expand their business internationally both digitally and traditionally. 

We help Career Explorers, executives, mid and entry level job searchers build their influential storybrand connecting people to YOU the person, that creates an image you want to potray and gives you control over your image, visibility and brand. Our expert career coaches are committed to empower you with practical actionable steps in achieving your goal fast, quick and with ease.

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Webinar Accelerator Framework

We are experts in turning businesses drowning in debt into profitable ventures with consistent and regular income.

We provide you with the Exact Steps to Leverage What You Currently Know to Flood Your Business with New Sales & Leads Organically without Wasting a Penny More on Paid Traffic Using Our Simple Webinar Accelerator Framework.

Sales Accelerator Framework

Using our business structure and framework you are confidently able to fill your calendar with quality leads through our high converting webinar system

Even if you have never been in business, you’re not an influencer, household name or have ZERO followers!

Using our business structure and framework you are confidently able to fill your calendar with quality leads through our high converting webinar system

Even If you have never been in business, you’re Not an Influencer, Household Name or Have Zero Followers! We consistently invest in bringing in the latest cutting-edge techniques, the world’s best teachers, and a powerful learning platform that is the best of its kind in the field of business education. We continue to collaborate with leading business owners and coaches that started from scratch just as you and I and now run well established businesses with multimillion dollar net worth. 


Beyond immediate results our teachers and students tell us they feel well taken care of with personalized and customized attention, coaching sessions and understanding of their business and industry with authenticity. They feel loved and enjoy the process and have fun going through our programs with ease.

Meet aasma wasti

Cheif Executive Officer


Aasma has been in the global workforce for over 22+ years,

Starting her career with IBM helping create and run their training and development department right out of business school upon completion of her master’s degree in business with a specialization in marketing and finance Aasma has worked for top 1% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.  She has worked as a small business advisor, a senior financial advisor managing over $150 million portfolio, worked as a performance coach for middle management, executives and C-suite management, in one of the largest banks in Canada to drive organizational results while maintaining high employee engagement, commitment scores and consistent sales!

Her career has been an amazing ride of 20+ years of moving up the corporate ladder the unconventional way. Skipping the standard process of scaling and growing in her career she found the framework to get promoted to much higher levels of jobs, developing authority and influence along the way building a personal brand and being recognized for it too. 

She created business and career accelerator programs funded by Federal and provincial Governments of Canada for Newcomers Women, people with disability and youth Entrepreneurship.

She has helped start over 100 new businesses in 2018 alone. An independent survey by a reputable third party showed 60% of those businesses to be profitable in their 2nd and 3rd year as well.  She helped transform all these accelerators and programs for Ontario Canada to be digitized in 2019 and 2020.

Finding room to help many more entrepreneurs globally beyond Canadian Borders, she went on to establish Accelera8 Global in 2018

She created cutting edge sales, webinar, visibility and career accelerator programs that found immediate and consistent success across the globe and has graduated hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully running their digital businesses generating consistent monthly targeted revenue. A number of Accelera8 Global clients have reached over $10M market capitalization along with making 7 figure revenue consistently.

Trusted by Governments, Fortune 500 Compaies that focus on education and business development everywhere


Accelera8 Global aims to bring together the world's top educators under one platform, to usher in a new era for humanity that is more empowered, connected and collaborativethan the status quo.

Under the Accelera8 Global umbrella, we have launched a variety of learning tools and platforms that have helped hundreds around the world experience personal transformation. From our engaging master classes, 5-day challenges and customized 1:1 coaching sessions there is something for everyone at Accelera8 Global. 

Most recently Aasma has been working with indigenous elders and leaders to help create a philanthropic Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship program helping youth start their own digital businesses providing them consistent income and a bright future ahead.