We offer training, Global and Canadian resources, promotional opportunities, and a worldwide community to consistently support you and your coaching business, whether you are a brand new coach or an experienced expert.

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Jaqueline Stone

“Broadened and deepened my network”

“Accelera8 Global has created this amazing community of International coaches. It has helped me make connections right across Canada and around the globe with other coaches and it broadened and deepened my network. In fact, through those connections, I’ve been introduced to a whole new marketplace.”

Carter Murray

“From the moment I first joined Accelera8 Global Legacy membership, I felt like a VIP.”

“Having taken other popular programs, I would highly recommend The Sales Accelerator to any new coach or those looking to up their coaching game. At Accelera8 Global any program experience really provides so much more than basic information. The connection, feedback, and collaborative ideas that come from every call leave me feeling inspired and confident at applying the knowledge I learned to my business. Upon completing my 6 month program I feel happy with my decision to be a member and feel excited to expand my coaching business as a result!”

Mariana Lopez

“Being a Visionary member of Accelera8 Global has exceeded my expectations.”

“I was looking for a group to join and network with. The fact that Accelera8 is a highly diverse community of coaches from extensive number of industry sectors worldwide was a real plus to me. Being a member of Accelera8 has exceeded my expectations because of the training, exposure, and ideas being a member gives you access to. It’s a forum of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, get tips, and gain new opportunities. But the main benefit to me has been the awesome community that has evolved with being a member. If you are a coach, of any type, I highly recommend you join.“