Being part of a 5 day challenge in Aasma’s Webinar Accelerator for Speakers, Coach and Course creators Facebook group, I became quickly addicted to her high energy, her business insights and mindset tips. Her generosity of spirit to support your journey to step into the greatness of who you truly BE is a skill set that she has and that truly needs recognising. Her intuition is tuned in, tapped in to YOU and your business desires. She is incredible with her business perception of your GENIUS. The Mastermind sessions did not just stop in 5 days. Aasma decided during the week to add additional free value to our group with more material for us to be immersed in with her teachings and we finished up being in her company for 7 days. She is a gift to us all and you can only gain personally and professionally using her services. Thank you so much for such powerful, insightful week in your company.

Tam Plukrose

Currency In Exchange

I have benefited greatly from Aasma’s workshop for new comers. She is not only extremely resourceful but brings much more to her sessions – her attention to detail, her enthusiasm, her patience and her listening skills – all of which make her a great trainer. Every minute of the workshop was spent in learning and discussion. I highly recommend Aasma’s workshop.

Joshua I.R. Jeyakumar

Senior Patent Analyst
MaxVal Group, Inc.

Few people have the opportunity to report to a coach who isalso a mentor but I did when I attended the workshop withAasma. She would be an asset to any person who needs herhelp regarding matter related to job career. As a coach, AasmaWasti earns my highest recommendation.

Nishat K.

Financial Services

Aasma is an excellent coach! Her knowledge, along with theability to present the necessary information, makes herworkshops very valuable. Her enthusiasm, striving to inform asmuch as possible with the most valuable information in a shorttime is amazing. I strongly recommend her as a coach.

Ulfat Ahmad

Marketing Project Coordinator
World Sport Management International Agency

Few more people like Aasma and the world would have become a better place already. She is an extremely enthusiastic and deeply committed individual. She brings in lot of experience, understanding and joy to her role as a mentor and a guide at JSW. Her ability to stitch a group together while maintaining a focus on individual narrative is remarkable. I thank her for inexhaustible patience and invaluable guidance in preparing me for the journey ahead.

Ravi Bajpai

Talent Director

Aasma inspired me a lot as a great business coach and mentor. She has motivated not only me, but also whole participants during our workshops, and encouraged us to start our own businesses by providing simple and clear guidelines. She was always well-organized, and ready to give us most updated and accurate information with her energetic, dynamic style and smiling face. 

Murat Bilgin

Supply Chain Manager
BSG Import & Export Co. Ltd.

Aasma is one of the best person I have met in LinkedIn.  She is a Superb Coach and a Great Teacher who have great knowledge and experience in providing service to people to get their dream Jobs. She have clarity in providing details as well as she knows what the job market wants from the Candidates Profile. She have a unique quality of analyzing Candidates Strength and Weakness to project accordingly to the Job market. She Can definitely help a Candidate to get their Dream Job by building effective resume, conducting mock interviews and Coaching sessions. I’m really thankful and I wish you all the best to Aasma and her Company Accelera8.

Sachin Babyraj

Payment and Rewards Representative
President’s Choice Financial

Aasma is a great advocate for her clients. After attending many workshops for job searching, her clear guidelines and accurate information helped me to make informed decisions. She helps smooth the way for job searching. She is a person whom I always admire for her support.

Leila Chehrei

Project Controls Engineer Scheduler/Analyst

Aasma is a very good coach, motivator and teacher. During a workshop with Aasma, I had less than 50 people on my LinkedIn, I did not know how to network and build my network. She critically analyzed how I was supposed to go about it, the Dos & Don’ts , advantages and other information I needed to develop my network and I am proud to say today that in the space of a week, I have been able to grow and expand my network to double the number I had before. Thanks to Aasma. She is very understanding and always willing to help you where you are stuck. A great coach. 

Ajike Somuyiwa

Paralegal and RCIC EPE Candidate
Amir Akhtar immigration Services

Startup Space

Aasma is an excellent startup business coach. She is enthusiastic, supportive and insightful. In our group coaching sessions, she creates an engaging learning environment that allows each participant to share their views. Aasma’s group coaching has enlightened me and significantly improved my business approach. I would recommend her as a business coach and mentor to others in need of business focus and direction!

Jim Tang

Sales Person

Aasma was a great help in assisting me with my new startup. We worked together on various aspects of the project from market study and feasibility study to marketing and availability of potential funding resources. She walked me through the entire process from start till end. I learned alot from her vast experience and keen insight in the startup ecosystem. It was a pleasure to be mentored by her.

Ahmad K


Event Speaking

I invited Aasma as a guest speaker for my Business Management class to speak on the Future of Work. I am delighted to say that it was a huge success! Aasma brought her A-game to the session and the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed her story and insights. The session was very helpful for my students, who will be able to use the many valuable takeaways from the session in their upcoming business courses and also their personal and career development in the long term. If you are looking for a business coach or a speaker, I highly recommend Aasma. We are looking to have her back soon and wish Aasma all the best in what she does.

Raz Razvi

Federal NDP Candidate
Thornhill, ON

Aasma is a superb coach with promising potentials to engage and enhance skills and attitudes of individuals who like to become active agents of their life and career. I have had her twice as my guest speaker to MBA students at IBA this year on students’ demand. I recommend Aasma as an effective guest speaker and a coach in future.

Dr Nyla Aleem Ansari

Program lead MBA executive program